Solax Genie Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter

SGD 2,849.00 SGD 3,400.00

Like the Mobie, the Genie also weighs only 25 kg and can be easily transported in a car. But the folding is a lot easier - it will automatically fold or unfold with the remote control provided.

If the remote control runs out of battery, there is still a Fold/Unfold switch at the back of the scooter which can be used. Even if the scooter is totally out of battery, it can still be folded or unfolded manually, just like the Mobie.

Its 24V, 10AH Lithium battery allows travel up to 15 km. If that’s not enough, you can even buy a spare battery to go up to 30 km.

The Travel Battery is optional and can be brought into airplanes more easily. The standard battery comes in one piece with a rating of 240WH, which is above the 160WH limit accepted by most airlines. The Travel Battery, on the other hand, separates into two individual 120WH pieces, and most airlines accept two such batteries per passenger as carry-on luggage.

Mobility Scooter Features:

  • Scooter can be easily folded within seconds using a remote control.
  • 15 km maximum range with standard 24V 10AH Lithium battery. Range can be increased to 30 km with optional spare battery.
  • Flat-free tyres for worry-free travel.
  • Wrap-around delta handles make driving easy, even for those with who can only use one hand.
  • Adjustable angle tiller allows the user to position the controller into the most ideal driving position.
  • LED battery gauge easy to read, even at night.


Mobility Scooter Specifications

Unfolded Dimensions (L X W X H)

930 mm (L) X 450 mm (W) X 857 mm (H)

Folded Dimensions (L X W X H )

365 mm (L) X 450 mm (W) X 580 mm (H)

Seat Height

560 mm


6 inches for front wheel (solid wheel),
7 inches for rear wheel (solid wheel)

Maximum Speed

6 kmh/3.75 mph

Safe Gradient

Up to 15o

Maximum Gradient



15 km/9.32 miles

Turning Radius

1400 mm

Total Weight (Battery Included)

25 kg (55lbs)


Intelligent regenerative electromagnetic brake

Drive System

Rear wheel drive


3 positions

Maximum Capacity

120 kg

Seat Size

17” (W) x 14” (D) x 13” (H)

Seat-to-Floor Height


Seat-to-Deck Height


Ground Clearance

115 mm (4.5 inches)


24 V/10 AH (Lithium Battery)


120 W

Battery Charger

DC 24 V/2 A off-board (automatic protection charger)


Red or Blue


1 Year on Frame, Electronics and Motor
6 Months on Battery