4-Wheel Aluminium Rollator

$76.00 $190.00

At only 6.9 kgs, the TWA969 Aluminium Rollator is the one of the lightest rollators and most economical available in the market! Users who are using, or are thinking about using walking frames can consider rollators as an alternative.

Walking frames need to be lifted up for every step taken by the user, so movement is much slower.

Rollators, on the other hand, allow to user to simply roll the rollator forward with each step, and using the hand-brakes when stopping. When tired, users, can even turn around and sit on the rollator to rest!

With its adjustable handle height and 100 kg capacity, the TWA969 Aluminium Rollator will fit users of various heights.


Rollator Features

  • Handle height can be adjusted in 1" increments.
  • Comes with new seamless padded seat with zippered pouch under seat.
  • Removable, hinged padded backrest can be folded up or down.
  • Comes with standard carry pouch under the seat for added privacy and security of personal items.
  • Easy to use deluxe loop locks.
  • Serrated brakes.
  • Ergonomic handles are easy to grip and are adjustable in height.


Rollator Specifications

 Overall Width 61 cm
Seat Width 45 cm
Rear Wheel 15 cm
Front Wheel 15 cm
Seat Height 55 cm
Overall Length 61 cm
Backrest Height 25 cm
Overall Height 79 - 90 cm adjustable
Folded Dimensions 63 x 24 x 85 cm
Loading Capacity 100 kg
Net Weight 6.9 kg