Spare Travel Battery for Mobie / Genie Scooter

SGD 810.00

The Solax standard battery is a single 240WH battery. To bring this on board, you need to write in to the airline in advance, tell them you are bringing a mobility aid, then they will decide whether or not to approve your battery for carriage on board. Otherwise, the default limit of 160WH will apply, and you will not be able to bring the battery with you.

The new Solax Travel Battery, however, comes as 2 individual pieces, rated only 120WH each. They can be used individually, or strapped together with velcro to be used as single battery. Based on current regulations, each passenger is allowed to bring one Travel battery, without prior approval for most major airlines.

The Solax Travel Battery is therefore a much better option if you plan to bring the scooter overseas quite often.

** NOTE **

Docking station can only be used with the standard battery, but not the travel battery. Please charge the travel battery through the scooter.

Save on shipping when you order 2 batteries instead of 1!