SW1000S PMA Mobility Scooter


Introducing the SW1000S, a 4-wheel mobility scooter designed for comfort. It comes with solid tyres which are puncture-proof and maintenance-free. Safety is a top priority where SW1000S boasts exceptional control and braking capabilities, with electromagnetic brakes that automatically stop the electric scooter once the throttle is released, even on a slope.

With the 12AH Battery variation, the scooter can cover a distance of 12 km on a full charge, making it ideal for neighbourhood use. The 20AH Battery variation can cover a distance of 20 km and is suitable for more active users.

Despite the low cost, this personal mobility aid (PMA) is packed full of the features you would want in a mobility scooter, such as

  • Flip-up armrest, width is adjustable for 5cm
  • Swivel seat and height is adjustable for 10cm
  • Quick detachable battery box
  • Off-board charging
  • Large 215mm wheels good for clearing obstacles such MRT train platform gaps
  • Maintenance-free, puncture-proof solid tyres

Highly Recommended for:

Mobility scooters are most popular among the elderly who are able to walk, but not over long distances. The scooter extends their travelling range, allowing them to maintain their social life and perform routine tasks such as grocery shopping.


Size (Unfolded)

112 cm x 54 cm x 96 cm

Base Weight

24.3 kg

Seat Weight

6.5 kg

Battery Weight

8.9 kg (12AH) / 13.9 kg (20AH)

Basket Weight

0.5 kg

Total Weight

40.2 kg (12AH) / 45.2 kg (20AH)

Max Capacity

120 kg

Max Speed

6 km/h

Max Range

12 km (12AH) / 20 km (20AH)

Max Gradient

10 degrees

Turning Radius

150 cm

Ground Clearance

4.5 cm

Seat Size

43 cm (width) x 38 cm (depth)

Backrest Height

33 cm


2 x 12V, 12AH / 2 x 12V, 20AH SLA




24V 2A

Braking System


Front Wheels

215 mm x 50 mm Solid

Rear Wheels

215 mm x 90 mm Solid


1 year on Motor & Electronics
6 months on Batteries